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An after-school daycare center for children. During summer vacation, when all the other kids already returned home and before he is picked up, Yoji and his "bro", the assistant teacher, hang out together in their own fantasy world. The name Yoji gave this magic time is "Y o´ clock". However, as the end of summer draws near, Yoji suddenly reveals: "Tomorrow, they´ll transfer me to another school."

The story of Y o´ clock – a surreal summer vacation filled with childhood dreams and memories.


This work was the first part of the so-called "Yokohama Series", performed in 2007 under faifai´s previous name koyubichi. Its original name was 「R時のはなし」(THE STORY OF R O´CLOCK). In March 2010 the project was restaged as an enhanced version, now called 「Y時のはなし」(THE STORY OF Y O´CLOCK), followed by a major tour with performances in Yamaguchi, Singapore and also Tokyo.

Director´s Comment

This story takes place in an after-school daycare center for children whose parents are both working or divorced (in an average Japanese family the mother stays at home with the children even when they go to school). I actually worked at this place and often saw children playing house with dolls and other toys, and this inspired the direction of this play. The characters are using dolls, but instead of playing roles by the dolls, they exist in two separate layers of humans and dolls. So, communication is going in a mixed way between dolls and dolls, dolls and humans, or humans and humans. At first sight it seems as if the kids were playing in they own world, but actually they understand quite well the adults world. Normally, they have to adjust to the life of adults, but during their play another world is born, a world with their own rules. It is a dream world, happy and comfortable, where the strong does not prey upon the weaker. But as for me, I have been enjoying life more and more as I was growing up. Even though in reality my life got harder then when I was a kid, I prefer my present life. So I made this performance to express my respect towards children and to cheer them up. Peace.

Chiharu Shinoda



Date:2007.08/21 – 08/23
Tokyo , Japan

Date:2007.09/15 – 09/22
Venue:ST spot/bankart studio NYK
Tokyo , Japan

Date:2010.03/04 – 03/06
Tokyo , Japan

Date:2010.05/15 – 05/16
Yamaguchi , Japan

Date:2010.05/19 – 05/20
Venue:Singapore Arts Festival 2010
Singapore , Singapore

Date:2010.11/05 – 11/07
Venue: atelier GEKKEN
Kyoto , Japan