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ANTON, NEKO, KURI – FAIFAI´s first Polyphonic Theater.

Anton, Neko, Kuri was originally created by FAIFAI´s artist/director Chiharu Shinoda in April 2009, during a performance series at Komaba Agora Theater, Tokyo. The story is based on autobiographical experiences and follows Anton, a stray cat suffering from leukemia, while documenting events and conversations in the cat´s neighborhood. A simple and ordinary story at first sight, this work quickly gained popularity for its aesthetic sensitivity towards common things and its charismatic depiction of daily life.

Later on, in 2010, Anton, Neko, Kuri was re-mixed in collaboration with composer Yasuno Taro, to create a synthesis between FAIFAI´s signature – pop visuals joined with graffity-like body movements – and Yasuno´s unique approach to polyphonic soundscapes. Words and sentences spoken by the performers are cut up, sampled and turned into music, unleashing an audiovisual spectacle that makes new realities gain shape before our eyes.

This new version of Anton is performed in two parts: "Main Performance" and "Commented Performance". In the second part, critics, essayists, actors and other artists from various fields are invited to host a talk-session while the play is being re-performed. This experiment allows you to interact with the play by temporarily freezing, rewinding or fast-forwarding the events on stage. Our attempt is to create a workshop-like atmosphere, in which the creative process is shared with the audience.



Date:2009.04/16 – 05/06
Venue:Komaba Agora Theater
Tokyo , Japan

Date:2010.10/27 – 10/31
Venue:ST spot
Tokyo , Japan

Date:2012.02/16 – 02/20
Venue:nitehi works
Tokyo , Japan