10/26 (Wed) " This is " Festival / Tokyo Program "Empty Stage" reading series

"This is"
Concept, Direction, Cast: faifai
Music: Taro Yasuno
Date: 10/26 (Wed) 19:00 (Doors open: 18:45)
Duration: around 20 minutes (TBC)
Venue: Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro (8F roof)
Entry: Free (no reservation required)

『This is』

CIAO~! This is FAIFAI back from the EUssR!

Heading back to Tokyo after 2 months, we paved our way through newspapers on the airplane, realizing that the news were still almost the same we read on the plane 2 months ago. That sorta freaked us out!
Thus and therefore: FAIFAI´s Information Agency is gonna open its channels, for just one day!

The reason why we´ve had a lot of different news from different sources but somehow CAN´T MAKE SENSE OF THIS MESS! anymore might be because news context changes according to the media we choose, and their output is limited to Japanese after all. That´s why is gonna provide you with a big news bundle about all the stuff that´s going on, be it Space Invasions, Kahoku Shinpo or just Uesugi´s Twitter feeds, e v e r y t h i n g altogether. And we´ll fix it into English at the same time!
There´s also gonna be simultaneous translation for the tweets of those poor birdies who can´t make it to our show, so drop by on the net and give us yr comments! Plus, you can also enjoy yourself on a musical event here, just perfect for a lovely autumn evening♡