my name is I LOVE YOU

Aug 14-15, 2009
@Hungary / Budapest
Venue : Szkene Theatre Budapest
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Aug 21-22, 2009
@Netherlands / Groningen
Participation : Noorderzon Festival
Venue : Grand Theatre Groningen
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Aug 25 / 27, 2009
@Slovenia / Ljubljana
Participation : Mladi Levi Festival 2009
Venue : Glej Theatre
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Oct 14 / 16-17, 2009
@Germany / Berlin
Participation : 7th Asia-Pacific Weeks
Venue : Foyer of HAU 2
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●An overseas performance summary

“my name is I LOVE YOU”

" my name is I LOVE YOU " is a love story in short words.
Whether we like it or not, we need some one with a strong feeling.
I think it flows over this story, and it maybe said to be childish, the story narrates carefully the fear of the moving for love.

However the end of story is not serious, so we try to describe in silly.
For us, silly is not negative word.
We are rather insensitve without silly and happy.

When the premiere was played, we explored for a way fitting us about actting.
Then the direction which Kitagawa wanted to do before, separate out the speaking actor and the moving actor, opened the door to be silly style unexpected.

There are a gap between the speaker one and the moving one.
We use the gap for silly and funny time as we as possible, and talk about  love which to be shared universally but also to be thinked especially.

faifai for " my name is I LOVE YOU "

Length : 70 minute

Tour manager: Olga Nagy
(please contact for inquiries in English)

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【 Special thanks 】

Szkene Theatre Budapest (Hungary)
Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen (The Netherlands)
Mladi levi international festival (Slovenia)

balazs IRIMIAS
PETYKO and the GERMAN family
zoltan and etelka NAGY


【 CAST 】

Techno (テクノが好きな大学生/college student who loves
techno music): shiro AMANO

Hakase(風俗で生計を立てている男/guy who earns a living in the sex industry):

Hard(ロボットのダッチワイフ/sex doll robot):
kinuyo NOGAMI

Soft(半分人間のダッチワイフ/half-human sex doll):

Future girl(未来から来た大学生/college student from thefuture):

Voice: olga NAGY



Text / yoko KITAGAWA
Directer / chiharu SHINODA

Stage manager / megumi SATO
Lighting / takayuki TOMIYAMA
Sound / daisuke HOSHINO
Stage design & VJ / ayami SASAKI
Costume / kyoko FUJITANI
Choreography / kinuyo NOGAMI

Photo / kazuya KATO
Video / yasutaka HAYASHI

Interpreter / zita CSAPLAR
Tour manager / olga NAGY
faifai manager / yui YAMAMOTO
Produced by faifai