faifai's concept fromYON kitagawa !
(She is the leader of faifai, a very beautiful and exotic Jpgirl!!!!! she likes Cosplay and does it every day)
All of us really absorb being up and alive.
When we work at faifai, we free ourselves from politics and real world stuff.
We come from a generation who like the fantasy of drama, the reality of the art, movies, TV, gossip, pop music, animation,
gothloli and 109 fashion. For this generation freedom is the meaning of life,
and doing what we want is the most important in the works of faifai.
we faifai dance and play in TOKYO, a megapolis full of office workers, crows and vomit, with the motto
we are global and think about things, and act with a local stance.
And we think that the most important thing is to meet the person whom we want to meet and to make a work together
Let's really go together anyway. At first from infrared rays www

Contemporary theatre group Faifai (previously called Koyubichi) was founded in 2004 by Yon Kitagawa who is frustrated with the repeating stale standards and norms set by others, seeking to extend new boundaries yet to be seen in theatre arts. They have since been active in the vibrant theatre scene of Tokyo, contributing with a unique perspective and atmosphere represented in their performances.

Faifai views the world with sarcasm and sensitivity, and presents its stories with humor and sympathy. The way they create their performances involves much experimentation and improvisation, resulting in a natural play revealing the personalities of the actors. Essentially, most of their pieces are concerned with love and relationships, human characteristics that are common around the world. On the other hand, they also often portray Japan-specific social phenomena, showing the society in a very critical, but at the same time non-hostile way in their unique humorous style. Even though the stories are mostly taken from the everyday life, the way of presentation makes them rich in content. Also, by creating movement and inserting dance scenes as well as sophisticated visuals and sound Faifai makes their plays very saturated esthetically too.

The group has been collaborating with artists from various fields of art, and created several space-specific performances. Even though Faifai is a very young company on the outset of its career, their activity has been followed by increasing awareness and popularity in Tokyo, and in 2007 their work has been awarded by Best Performance Award by the Oji Theatre. In the future, the group plans to expand their activities through experimenting with different arts, as well as collaboration and performances abroad.